Sunday, November 12, 2017

Our Veterans Day Program

Students gathered in the Gym

Students stand to honor the Veterans as they file into the gym and onto the stage.

Presentation of the Flags and Pledges

2nd Grade performing "You're a Grand Ole Flag"

Hailey's Dad - Thank you for your service!

Whispen's Grandfather - Thank you for your service!

Eme's Grandfather - Thank you for you service!

The Program was so special!  All grade levels performed.  Poems were read by students.  Veterans Day information was shared by other students.  It was a very special occasion.

Our Leader of the Week

Christian is Leader of the Week!  He is a fantastic example of leadership.  He works hard to finish all his work on time and does his VERY best!  He works great with others.  He is a friend to everyone.  He always steps up to help other students and teachers.  Thank you, Christian, for your leadership, helpfulness, and kindness! 

Week 12 - Newsletter - Nov. 13-17

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Our Leader of the Week

Leyna is a SUPER LEADER!  She is always with me when I am teaching!  She gives great ideas.  She sees others who need help and steps in to help them.  She is very funny and works great with everyone!  Thank you, Leyna, for your great leadership!

Week 11 - Newsletter - Nov. 6-10